Monday, November 14, 2005

Finally Some Sanity

Well at least one municipality appears poised to remove much it's regulation of adult businesses. At least one Councilman realizes the regulation of adult consensual activities costs the city money.

“We don't need a whole new Metro department to baby sit a few strip clubs,” said Metro Councilman Adam Dread.

Metro Councilman Dread has proposed a bill to repeal the current laws on sexually oriented businesses.

“They were written eight years ago, when we did have businesses that were really brothels. Since then they've all been wiped out. Now we just have legitimate strip clubs,” said Dread.

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1 comment:

Mike Sheffler said...

Adam Dread would be a terrific name for a super-villain. Perhaps the Councilman should re-consider his career choice.

Of course, de-regulating the strip club industry is sure to be perceived as 'villainous' by at least some.