Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shopko and Lewd Behavior

I'm going to publicly call for the elimination of all Shopko stores, because they clearly CAUSE lewd behavior. And until the city closes all Shopko stores I'm going to walk up and down the aisles to monitor them for any such behavior. From the Tribune:

Couple accused of exposure at local store

By DAN SPRINGER La Crosse Tribune

With Valentine’s Day approaching, a Black River Falls, Wis., couple apparently decided to show their affection a little too publicly while shopping at a La Crosse store Saturday evening, La Crosse police said.Security cameras at ShopKo on the South Side caught the couple strolling through the store with a cart — and the woman holding her companion’s exposed penis, according to police reports.A store official told police that when other customers approached, the woman would remove her hand and the man would pull his sweatshirt down. When alone again, the couple resumed the behavior, according to police reports.Michael J. Gerdes, 39, and Marteen E. Gerdes, 38, were arrested at 5:25 p.m. Saturday at the store, 3433 Mormon Coulee Road.The couple at first denied the behavior, then Marteen Gerdes admitted it was her idea and they were just “screwing around,” according to police reports.They were released on signature bonds, with lewd and lascivious behavior charges pending in La Crosse County Circuit Court.


MacroMicro said...

I'm pretty sure Shopko, isn't promoting this type of behavior and store employees/management are trained and expected to stop this type of behavior. Any place open to the public can't be held accountable for the acts of done by customers. Plus, the couple was arrested, so what more do you want them to do? Why should people all over the country lose their jobs because two perverts were arrested in La Crosse, WI???

Taggert said...

Sarcasm doesn't translate well. I was being very sarcastic. However the point I was trying to make is that this very same argument is often made for strip clubs and adult book stores. It is a misuse of the secondary effects doctrine.