Saturday, November 08, 2008

Technology and Matching

With all of the new technology out there to aid the marriage/mate/sexual partner matching process. I wonder if it is leading to better matches or more matches, or both? Or maybe it is only lowering transaction costs and another constraint is still binding on the quantity of partners. Another mashup is provided to make hooking up a little easier.It combines the craigslist personal with google maps. Genius. Hookups.

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Patti B. said...

After meeting my husband on, I can safety say is easier to weed out men on the internet than in a bar or even a church! They have to be able to:

Post a picture
Write a coherent sentence
Describe themselves without sounding egotistical OR

Have a friend who does all that for them EITHER WAY

great filtering tool! Follow the 'internet dating rules' and it can work.