Friday, October 08, 2010

Holy Crap!

My favorite reporter sent me a text last night, tipping me off to this:

Council decriminalizes pot possession

I can hardly believe it. Kudos to them for trying to restore some sense to drug policy. The police continue in their defense of harsh laws with an inability to apply any economics to the situation:

"It's part of a very violent equation ... Anything we do to reduce the penalties helps those drug cartels," Kondracki said Tuesday. "It's almost like subsidizing them.

Actually Ed, its the making it illegal, and reducing the supply that causes price to rise and therefore induces violence. Its supply and demand and you are the one subsidizing the dealers, by catching and incarcerating some of their competition. You don't see people killing each other over aspirin do you? Maybe we send the wrong message by making that legal too?

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