Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Alienating 2%

According to Seth Godin:
Do the math. Every time Apple delights 10,000 people, they hear from 200 angry customers, people who don't like the change or the opportunity or the risk it represents.
If you have fans or followers or customers, no matter what you do, you'll annoy or disappoint two percent of them. And you'll probably hear a lot more from the unhappy 2% than from the delighted 98.
It seems as though there are only two ways to deal with this: Stop innovating, just stagnate. Or go ahead and delight the vast majority.
What does this mean for Student Evaluation of Instructors? Shouldn't we expect faculty to piss off some of the students? Shouldn't all 5's on a 5 point scale mean something about the innovation of the instructor?

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