Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teacher Compensation

Teacher compensation data is here. Here are two plots of total average compensation (salary plus fringe) for the top 40 school districts and the bottom 40, of the 425 districts. Its important to remember that this is not starting salary, but includes all teachers, even those with 30 years of experience.


Milton Recht said...

You left out that the pay is for 10 months or less of the year and should be increased by at least 20 percent to annualize it and make it comparable to other salaries.

Plus, teachers have one of the highest absenteeism rates in the US, about double that of the average US worker. On top of sick days they have personal days.

Plus, teachers tutor and charge students for tutoring. Students who don't learn from their teachers are charged extra to learn the subject matter.

Without consideration and measurements of teachers' productivity and effectiveness, a salary number is irrelevant.

Taggert said...

Milton- You make good points. You should also add the things which reduce the effective pay. For example, the time spent in continuing education. The time spent after school hours grading, or prepping. The time spent at extra curricular activities. Sports for example. While for some they are compensated, the hours also need to be considered. The money they spend on their students. And you are right, measuring productivity and effectiveness is equally as important.