Friday, March 04, 2011

Sex Toys and Class

To think I once had a colleague who objected to my study of pornography. She was concerned a student would walk into my office and see porn. This despite the fact that all of my research is based on a dataset, and does not involve actually looking at porn. The comical thing about her objection was that at the time, some faculty on campus would show ACTUAL porn in class.

Now we have this from Northwestern:
Northwestern Uni defends sex-toy demonstration.

EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) — A Northwestern University professor concluded a discussion of bondage and other sexual fetishes in his human sexuality class by having a woman take off all her clothes, climb on stage and graphically demonstrate the use of a sex toy, the school has acknowledged.

The demonstration took place Feb. 21 at the conclusion of psychology professor John Michael Bailey's class on human sexuality. According to guest lecturer Ken Melvoin-Berg, after the students were told that a couple would take part in a demonstration involving a sex toy, the students were warned about a half dozen times that "what was about to happen would be graphic."

With that, Jim Marcus and his fiancee Faith Kroll climbed on the stage in front of about 100 students and demonstrated the use of the motorized device with a phallic object attached to it, as students heard about issues such as safety and consent, Melvin-Berg said.

However this has to be my favorite quote:
"It is probably something I will remember the rest of my life," said senior Justin Smith, 21, one of the students who stuck around voluntarily after class when students were told about what they were about to see.

"I can't say that about my Econ 202 class and the material that I learned there," Smith told The Chicago Tribune.

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