Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Names and Breeds

I love data. As an Economist and Professor you sometimes find yourself with interesting datasets that need to be shared. I have a group of students doing a project for a dog daycare in town. In order to survey dog owners we got the list of dog licenses from the county. It has the name, address of the owner, and the name, sex and breed of the dog. Below we have the top 20 names for dogs in La Crosse County for 2012. Remember these are licensed dogs.

Below I have the top 20 breeds from La Crosse.


Cindy Miller said...

Molly dog name is really good. My dog name is Jack.

Zlati Petroff said...

As an unabashed pug lover, admirer, and supporter I am upset and disappointed to see my favorite breed wallow towards the bottom of the rankings.

The touching intellectual sadness in a pug's face and the weary but defiant look in those bulbous eyes is a sign of a breed that has seen a lot and done a lot- like an old sailor squatting at the gates of a wedding chapel, waiting for someone to hear his rime.