Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wisconsin Job Growth By County

A few select Counties and Cities are below, but the rest of the data for the State of Wisconsin are here. I used the employment data available from the DWD. The last month available in the spreadsheet was March of 2012. I calculated the percentage change from 12 months previous, while including total employment and total job growth. Despite having very different political environments in Milwaukee and Waukesha their job growth was identical. Had I chosen different months I would have gotten different quantitative results, but qualitatively they would be similar. 

Area    Date    Employment    12 Month % Change    12 Growth in Jobs
Adams County   Mar2012    8558   -1.97   -172
Milwaukee City   Mar2012    241491   0.34    810
Milwaukee County    Mar2012    417550    0.34    1401
Waukesha City    Mar2012    36990    0.34   124
Waukesha County    Mar2012    200106    0.34    671

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