Monday, April 01, 2013

Misc Health Links

A few more links to share:

1. Health Inequality Declining?
While studies like these are valuable in highlighting disparities between socio-economic groups, they do not tell us much about overall health inequality. That’s because most health inequality occurs within groups. In other words, if we look at a particular demographic group, the best outcomes for people in that group are dramatically different from the worst outcomes for people in the same group. These differences overwhelm any differences in average life expectancy across demographic groups. Thus, while inequality across some demographic groups has increased, it has fallen over the entire population. Overall, therefore, the health have-nots have made progress in catching up to the health haves.
2. Nearly half of health spending for richer Americans is tax-financed.

3. Crying for radiologists. Their pay and prospects are falling.

4. Airline Fat tax? Charging based on weight.

5. Fancier Condoms?

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