Monday, February 21, 2005

Sparta and Alcohol

Stories like this make you wonder if there was ever any piece of legislation enacted for the public interest, or is it always only serving some narrow personal interest? Well, this story from the tribune makes me laugh, because the idiot hasn't learned his lesson. When supporting legislation to keep competitors out of your market, you better make sure the ban doesn't include you.

But Eddie Habhegger isn't a referendum supporter. The owner of Fast Eddie's
Beverage, on Hwy. 21 in the town of Sparta, said his business was in city until
1963, when a referendum forced him and another liquor store to leave

A grocery store had sought to sell beer and liquor, so the issue went
to referendum. Habhegger pushed for its defeat, only to learn when he sought to renew his retail sales license that the new referendum excluded his store as well.

"We lost our business and everything," he said. "We had to start all
over again."

Habhegger was able to buy some land on Hwy. 21, and the town of
Sparta granted him a license. The family-run business has been there ever

The city has plenty of bars and taverns that sell beer and liquor for
off-premises consumption, Habhegger said.

"We will continue to maintain very low prices here, and hope the people will vote the same way we will ? no. We're hopin' and prayin' that we win," he said.

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