Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thank God This Ain't Oklahoma

By way of the Volokh Conspiracy: We have this newly proposed law in Oklahoma. The important parts, for purposes of this post are:

Section 1111. A. Rape is an act of sexual intercourse involving vaginal or
anal penetration accomplished with a male or female who is not the spouse of the
perpetrator . . . under any of the following circumstances:

9. Where the victim is an undergraduate student under twenty-one (21) years
of age attending any college or university in this state or the victim is
attending any public or private secondary school in this state, regardless of
the person's age, and engages in sexual intercourse with a person who is an
employee of the same college, university or school system unless the two persons
were legally married prior to enrollment or employment in such college,
university or school. . . . .

Patently absurd.

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