Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The War Marches On...

Looks like the War on Porn continues. Chris of nowthatsfuckedup.com (nsfw) is sitting in the slammer for allowing people - subscribing members - to post pictures to his servers which are located in Amsterdam. I'm quite sure this is payback for this story. I can't imagine this has a snowball's chance in hell of holding up. I've checked out the site, there is nothing that I've seen that remotely approaches a modern definition of obscene. It is clearly a case of harassment.

And on the exotic dancing front, we can now add L.A. to the parade of towns, like Seattle attempting to impose a rule requiring dancers to maintain a 4 foot buffer from their customers. Imagine what getting a haircut would be like if they had to operate under these laws?

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Mike Sheffler said...

I could be off my rocker, but I was under the impression that the ... uh ... talent has always been obligated to maintain a four-foot clearance from the customer in Washington.

I'm from Spokane, and the sentiment there was that Washington strip clubs were lame because the girls always had to maintain that distance. Hence, everyone would flock to the Stateline strip club, situated just barely on the potato side of the Washington/Idaho border, where there was no such mandatory spacing.

On the other hand, the only strip club I know of in Spokane was a place called Deja Vu, which I think is a (multi-state?) chain of some sort. Thus, it might be (have been?) the case that the chain already had that policy in effect and there was no actual statute in place.

Of course, there could very well be a city policy, and Spokane (the capital of the red-shaded regions of Washington on any election map) was just a little ahead of the curve.