Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mastering Skills

From my new favorite blog, "barking up the wrong tree" we have this gem about the importance of experiencing stress while trying to improve ones competency:
Contrary to previous research, the study found that people who engage in behaviors that increase competency, for example at work, school or the gym, experience decreased happiness in the moment, lower levels of enjoyment and higher levels of momentary stress. Despite the negative effects felt on an hourly basis, participants reported that these same activities made them feel happy and satisfied when they looked back on their day as a whole. This surprising find suggests that in the process of becoming proficient at something, individuals may need to endure temporary stress to reap the happiness benefits associated with increased competency.
I think this explains why I'm so frustrated with how bad I suck at swimming right now. But it looks like there is a happiness payoff around the corner.

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