Monday, September 26, 2005

H.R. 3726

I'm just a Bill sitting on Capitol Hill. Remember that School of Rock? Well Bill H.R. 3726 Titled Child Pornography Prevention Act of 2005, has been attached as an amendment to the Child Safety Act of 2005 (H.R. 3132). Apparently it was added without any debate. This bell needs to die a horibble death.

The Free Speech Coalition has a bit here and their press release is here.

Among other provisions, the bill targets adult citizens who record visual images of consensual sexual activity in the privacy of their own homes, adds nudity and clothed images of pubic areas to the definition of “explicit sexual activity” as defined in U.S.C. 18 §2256, and criminalizes the production and distribution of R-rated mainstream motion pictures that fail to comply with the record creation and notice provisions of 2257, and possibly for violation of obscenity laws.

Better not snap any polaroids of the wife, that would be illegal.

Hat Tip to Radley Balko.

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