Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where is my Keg?

Keg registration has come to La this will definitely curb binge drinking. The story is here. At least one person on the council understood the uselessness of the requirement when he said:

The committee's vote for keg registration was 14-2, with Bloedorn and Ranis voting against it and Andrea Richmond abstaining.

It would set a minimum $50 deposit per keg that would not be refunded if the identifying tag is removed. The measure originally called for a $100 deposit.

Member Andy Monfre, who represents the college area, argued that the deposit is too expensive, and Richmond said college students will find a way around it.

The ordinance would place a 48-hour, two-keg limit per person or address or contiguous address.

Calling keg registration a health and safety issue, former La Crosse resident Sheila Garrity supported the limit, recalling she once saw 17 kegs being carried into a house in her neighborhood.

People holding keg parties buy as many kegs as they think they can sell and then sell cups to people who drink as fast as they can, said Charles Weeth of Livable Neighborhoods. "What's the effect on the neighborhood when you find people passed out in their own vomit?"

Opposing the two-keg limit, Bloedorn said he believes in personal freedom and does not want to drive people outside La Crosse to buy kegs. When planning a party, he said a person needs to figure the number kegs of beer based on the number of guests expected, like they figure the amount of food to buy.

One thing is for sure about politicians, they have never found a problem they didn't think they can solve with a new law.

Looks like the kids will be driving to Onalaska for their kegs.
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giddings said...

Have these lawmakers never heard of arbitrage? I see a money making scheme in the wings for legal students. . .