Thursday, February 12, 2004

Edwards in Town

John Edwards was in town yesterday, unfortunately he makes me long for the days of Clinton.

From the Tribune:

"I picked up my newspaper in Milwaukee this morning and on the front page, 500 jobs leaving Milwaukee and going to Mexico," Edwards said. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is welcomed by UW-L students outside of Cartwright Center after arriving Wednesday on a campaign stop. "Here we go again. Part of the same old pattern. It's this administration's trade policy, their tax policy, that are leading to thousands and thousands — actually millions of jobs, particularly manufacturing jobs — leaving this country," Edwards said.

I'd like to think he was referring to this lunacy from Bush's folks, but I'm quite sure this is not the trade policy he is referring to. I imagine John Edwards is no fan of Free Trade agreements and Bush isn't either. Does everyone remember the steel tariffs that were recently lifted? They never should have been put in place. Oh Bill, conservatives want you back, you balanced the budget and you supported free trade.

I want a REAL Republican back in office, Bill won't you please come back?

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