Friday, February 13, 2004

Parking or Pricing Problem?

It looks like freshman will be out of luck, no parking passes for them. According to this Trib article:

Chances that a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse freshman will get an on-campus parking pass next year are slim to none.

In the past, freshmen living in dorms competed in a lottery with sophomores for the chance to buy passes left over after juniors and seniors purchased passes, said Luke Naegele, UW-L Student Association president.

In December, the association and the Residents Hall Association Council approved the change, which will give sophomores the chance at all the passes left by juniors and seniors. Chancellor Doug Hastad approved the change Tuesday, which means a two-year trial of the change will go into effect next year, he said.

Why not just raise the price for parking passes? It would allocate spaces much more efficiently.

But students dodged a bullet on parking tickets according to this article:

La Crosse parking tickets won't double on the fifth offense because the La Crosse Common Council failed to override Mayor John Medinger's veto by one vote Thursday.

In January, the La Crosse Common Council voted 11-4 for the proposal introduced by council member Bruce Ranis to help decrease illegal parking downtown and in residential areas. Medinger vetoed it, and the same number of votes — 11 — were required to override. But the vote to override was only 10 to 5.

So do we think our parking "problems" have gone away? No, but that's okay, I have a permit...

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