Thursday, February 12, 2004

Free Napster with Room Rental at UWL?

When I was in college we didn't even have cable in our dorm rooms, now some schools are getting "free" access to the new incarnation of Napster. From

The University of Rochester has become the second university to enter into a deal with Napster. The deal will allow 3,700 residence hall students to access Napster's Premium service for free. Napster's Premium service allows access to Napster's library of 500,000 songs. Normally consumers would pay US$9.95 a month for the service; students will be able to play the songs online, but must pay 99 cents a song, or $9.95 an album, to download music to transfer to mobile devices or burn to CD. The deal lasts until the spring of 2005.

Besides offering the Premium service, Napster agreed to work with the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music to distribute original music from its students and faculty on the Napster network.

Thanks to the Door for the link.

Keywords: Napster, File Sharing, P2P

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