Friday, February 06, 2004

Medical Marijuana

Well it looks like Senator Kerry would get my vote, if I wasn't voting for the libertarian candidate. At least he is willing to end the persecution of people using and supplying marijuana for medicinal purposes. But maybe Sharpton would be a better choice as he favors outright decriminalization.

From the Vice Squad:

Democrats and Medical Marijuana

Thank goodness, I finally have a legitimate reason to dislike John Edwards. I've had a bad feeling about him from Day 1, even though I couldn't really put my finger on anything in particular that offended me about him.

Well, now I've learned that Edwards has stated that it would be "irresponsible" to stop arresting medical marijuana patients. O.k. John, are you prepared to turn yourself in to the Feds if you take another aspirin ever again? What about NyQuil? It's very responsible for our government to waste millions of dollars and incarcerate our citizens for ingesting a substance that helps them feel better - especially when many of them are terminally ill.

Both Senator Kerry and Gen. Wesley Clark have pledged to end the Bush administration's raids on medical marijuana patients and providers. Kucinich and Sharpton both support decriminalization of the plant outright.

Seriously how can you possibly sleep at night knowing your ignorance and fear of a plant is responsible for perpetuating someone else's pain? I think its morally equivalent to poking out someone's eyes.

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