Monday, February 23, 2004

Monday Mourning

The end of Sex and the City. I think I can speak for Co-blogger Lisa Giddings when I say we will miss the show. It was a great example of what TV could be without the kind of regulatory oversight we have with regular network television. And it is one of the reasons why HBO routinely sweeps the award shows. There were many times when "Sex" would have made Janet Jackson blush. But the show was way more than that. I think it helped to usher in (or at least it mirrored) the latest wave of feminism, you know, the one where women are actually in control of their own bodies.

What's amazing about this is that cable TV wasn't supposed to be able to compete with the networks. The market was said to be too small and the audience would be too divided. The truth is more choices increased the total demand for television. What can we learn from this? Supply can create demand? Or maybe the demand exists, but remains untapped?

Farewell girls, we'll miss you, and we'll definitely miss the bawdy sex talk.

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